Product Description

High intake of fast foods and unhealthy foods increases the risk of obesity diabetes, heart diseases, cancer & many other risks and regular consumption of Veverfit Natural Soursop drink is able to help overcome these problems.

Benefits : Lower blood sugar, Reduces blood lipid levels, Prevents cancers and tumors, Lowers uric acid levels and subsequently prevents gout attacks, Works as detoxification (Liver), Relieves constipation/ hemorrhoids, Improves immunity, Promotes anti-aging benefits, Promotes general health, Ideal for indigestion, reduces cholesterol and improves your heart's health

Ingredient : Natural soursop leaves SOD Anti acid tea Botanical Beverage Mix Soursop Leaf with Rooibos

How To Use : Place one tea bag in the cup and pour hot water over it.

Storage Condition : Store in dry and cool place

Caution : Not suitable for pregnant women

Shelf Life : 2 Years

Place of Origin : Malaysia

Suitable : Adult