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Product Description

·         Type : Pointed Toe Pleated Mules

·         Colour : Black & Cameo Brown

·         Design : Pleated Design + Round Heel

·         Material : Synthetic PU + Pleated Challis Fabric

·         Occasion : Work / Casual / Dinner / Outing

·         Anti Slip

·         Stylish pleated design

·         Round Low Heels

·         Local Manufacture

·         100% Handmade


This Revolee Quinn Pleated Mules is always the trendy and classic pair in your shoe closet. Mules, is always the best choice to go when you have no idea what to wear, it is comfortable yet trendy enough to match all occasions. It goes well with your formal working appearance whereas it also matches with your casual outing dress or hip style. It is just never out of date.

It is now available in 2 different colours; Classic Black and Sweet Cameo Brown Colour, suitable to match with your outing look and also formal working look. Also, the pleated design keep you looking simple yet stylish, its rounded low heel looks vintage and cute and more stable in wearing; also the anti slip sole prevents you from slippery.

这款Revolee Quinn百褶穆勒鞋永远都会是你鞋柜里的时尚经典。当你不知道该穿什么的时候,它永远都是你最好的选择。它既穿着舒适且时髦,也可以穿于各种场合。它与你的正式工作服相称,同时也和你的休闲连衣裙或者时髦穿着非常匹配。它永远是不会过时的经典鞋款。

这款Revolee Quinn 百褶穆勒鞋有两个颜色;经典黑色和甜美豆沙色可选择。它的百褶设计不止让你看起来简单靓丽且还带有时尚感。它的圆柱形矮鞋跟更是让你穿着起来容易而且带点可爱的复古风,鞋底的防滑条纹路也防止你走路时打滑。

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