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Product Description

·         Type : Slip On Heels

·         Colour : Black / Brown / Nude

·         Design : Pointed Toe Heels

·         Height : 7.5cm (3 Inches)

·         Material : Perry Matte + Synthetic PU

·         Matte surface with slightly waterproof material

·         Anti Slip Sole

·         Occasion : Formal / Work / Dinner / Party

·         Local Manufacturer

·         100% Handmade

·         Malaysia size (Same as EU size)

Audrey, a closed toe pointed toe slip on heels, available in 3 different colours, Black, Brown and Nude colour, it is perfect for your daily office wear to keep up your confident look with your professional performance. Easily keep your outlook and performance equally professional. Audrey is made of matte material with slightly waterproof feature where the outer parts no longer worries about water splash and keep your heels dry, easier to maintain and keep it clean. And, it is anti slip sole to prevent slippery for more secure fitting. Besides, Audrey is also suitable for dinner, party and other formal occasion.

奥黛丽 (Audrey),是一款尖头的高跟鞋,共有3种颜色可选:经典黑色,时尚深驼色和白搭裸色。这款高跟鞋非常适合搭配日常办公的正式穿着,突显自信感。奥黛丽 (Audrey)由磨砂布料制成,具有略微的防水功能,高跟鞋外皮不再担心水溅到鞋子上会弄湿穿着不舒服,属于比较容易打理的高跟鞋。而且,鞋底也是具有防滑纹路,不易摔倒,穿着更安全安心。此外,奥黛丽 (Audrey)也很适合穿于晚宴,婚宴,会议,或别的正式场合。


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