Product Description

OXTRA by Trapo is a short form for “Trapo Extra”. Trapo believes that drivers need other EXTRA accessories besides car mat to elevate the driving experience. We have filtered the best available products carefully in the market and select the one we believe is “the best solution” for you.

Description Vacuum:

• Twin Turbine Powered Motor w Metal Fan 

• Suction Power : Eco mode 5000pa , Power mode 8000pa (150W)

• Eliminates Micro-Bacteria & Dust Particle as small as 0.3micron

• 270 Degree rotation for Hard to reach spot / Comfort cleaning experience

• 3*2000 Mah Lithium Battery : Eco mode 20 minutes , Power mode 15 minutes ( Estimated in single charge )

• Reusable & Washable Hepa filter

• 1 Year Warranty T&C*

What you will get ? 

1x Oxtra Supercharged Cordless Vacuum

1x 2 in 1 Nozzle

1x Micro USB Cable

1x Suede keeping bag