Product Description

Egg Yolk White Separator Sieve Cooking Tools Gadget Easy Kitchen Home Tools Penapis Putih Kuning Telur 不锈钢蛋清分离器 鸡蛋分离器

Product description

Size: 14*6.5CM 

Our egg separator yolk extractor remover is effective and easy to clean. Quickly and easily separates the unhealthy yellows from the healthier egg whites. The design also prevents pieces of eggs shells from slipping into the bowl so only the egg yolk or white makes it into your meal. This egg separator is made with cleanliness in mind, with no drips and no mess. A "Best Rated" cooking accessory, the egg yolk separator is the perfect tool for amateur and professional cooks. Only the best in quality, the yolky white yolk separator easy-to-clean, and rust-resistant egg yolk separator, sure to last for years. A simple and easy egg separator easily separates egg yolks and egg whites directly into a bowl in 3 seconds. Keep the shells out faster and easier than the old-fashioned "shell to shell" method and no mess. Healthy cooking keeps the high fat and cholesterol eggs yellow out and eats healthier. Dishwasher safe.

 Package included: 1pc x egg separator (other accessories are not included)

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