Product Description

The Japanese medicine Eve Ultra is made of cleared with nano-technologies ibuprofen. This preparation is fast-acting and effective cure for all kinds of pain. Foremost it is effective as a cure for headache, for muscle pain and sprains, for pain in the back, for pain in knees and for displacements.

This medicine is suitable for people suffering keen headaches. It proved its effectiveness at curing people who survived head surgery which includes cancer. 

Protect yourself from pain! Buy this medicine and you will forget about the pain forever!

Efficacy and effects:

Headache, shoulder pain and toothache, menstrual cramps, sore throat and joint pain and muscle pain and neuralgia, back pain and pain after tooth extraction, pain, ear pain, fracture pain, sprain pain and traumatic pain relievers

Chills and fever fever

Ibuki c headache medication, ibuprofen analgesic and antipyretic effects fast is a headache medicine to demonstrate. Blending magnesium oxide with ibuprofen. This same formula was difficult in itself, is realized by the SDS technology developed by SS pharmaceuticals

Course of medical treatment: 

not for teenagers under the age of 15, one pack contains 20 pills, allowed to take up to 2 pills per a day.







请勿放在阳光直射的地方,放在儿童不易拿到的地方,注意查看保质期 2022.09