Product Description

Star Anise or commonly called Star Aniseed and Chinese Star Anise is known as ‘Bunga Lawang’ in Malay and ‘八角’ in Chinese. It is the seed pod from the fruit of Illicium verum plant, an evergreen tree native to Southwest China and Northeast Vietnam. Star anise is a spice that has a very strong, distinct flavor that is sweet and spicy, similar to licorice, and should be used in small quantities. Although the flavor of star anise is generally thought of as sweet, it is commonly used in savory dishes; it pairs well with citrus, onions, poultry, beef, cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger. It is also considered as a secret ingredient in traditional Asian dishes as this warming, sweet spice can be simmered in broths and braises to add extra depth of flavor.

It is one of the main flavors in Chinese five spice powder and is also used to season roast duck and other meats. In Vietnamese cuisine, star anise is part of the well-known soup, phở, a Vietnamese noodle soup. On top of that, Star Anise is also a common spice in Indian cuisine, where it is used in the spice blend garam masala, as well as dishes like biryani and drinks such as chai.

100% natural ingredients.
One of the world's most popular spices.
Enhances flavor of meat
Used in Chinese, Malay and Indian cuisine
Improving digestion and sleep quality.
Used as medicinal remedies for the common flu, bacterial infections
HACCP certified
Halal Certified 

Sri Lanka Ceylon Cinnamon Powder

How to use
Star anise has very strong flavor and aroma, usually it’s best to add a few Star Anise to curry to enhance the taste and aroma. It provides a sweet-woody taste to dishes.

Garam Masala
Braised or Roasted Meat
Vietnamese noodle soup.

Place of Origin

Shelf Life
1 year

Halal Certification

Storage suggestion
Keep in a clean, dry and cool place.