Product Description

• Soft and thick sponge material
• Breathable and absorb sweat
• 3D cutting for comfortable wearing
• Suitable to place in various types of shoes
• Reduce pain and friction between feel and shoes
• Relieve toes pressure while walking
• Anti slip prevent toes from moving forward while walking

Blister from back heel or heels is sliding off your feet? This is the best tiny foot care tool you need to solve all these problems. This Sponge Cushion Front Shoe Insole can effectively prevent heel uncomfortable, skin peeling or blister from heel and shoe rubbing. Also, it helps to relieve toes pressure while walking and also to prevent your bigger size shoes from sliding off your feet.The soft and thick sponge3D cutting is shaped in according to your shoes shape, relieve your toe pressure and pain while walking too long. 

The best part is, it can be used for various type of shoes such as heels, flats, loafer and boots!

It can relieve fatigue, protect heel, making your feet healthy every day, keep you away from friction blister and toe calluses. It is also easy to use, simply place the sponge cushion into your shoe and gently push it to the end of the front part of shoes.