Product Description

DSY Whitening Silk Mask Set is a set of Do-At-Home treatment for those who needs quick skin whitening effect. Perfect during the Stay-At-home period. The set comprise of 3 silk mask sheet and 2 serum for day and night.

1. Day 1 mask sheet: exfoliating & refining that focuses on removing dead cells so allow the ingredients to permeate into the inner later of the skin so that the skin brightens and shines

2. Day 2 mask sheet: melanin reduction & depigmentation, the essence in the mask reduces melanin production and makes the pigments fade away.

3. Day 3 mask sheet: nourishing & repairing, repairs the skin and locks moisture and essential nutrient within the skin for a healthy glow.

4. Premium reviving day essence provides protection against sun UV rays and nourishes the skin whole day.

5. Brightening night essence helps the skin to repair throughout the night thus giving it the brightening and whitening effect. 

DSY Whitening Silk Mask is made from 100% pure silk for the soft and luxurious feel on the skin. Pure silk is anti-bacteria, hypoallergenic, moisture locking and contains natural amino acids that aids cell metabolism naturally. No harsh chemical was used during production ensuring no damage to skin and it is specially benefit for those with sensitive skin.

DSY Whitening Silk Masks are made from essence extracted from plant source and uses no artificial chemical, preservative or any known ingredient to cause health issue.