Product Description

Make your nasi lemak the talk of town with our premium Nasi lemak Powder, packed abundantly with all the authentic ingredients you need. Nasi lemak, one of Malaysia's most iconic traditional cuisines, is so popular that even though it is considered a breakfast dish, it is often eaten throughout the day. This Malay-style dish can be served in several different ways, making it rich in variety. Our powder is ideal for food preparation in smaller businesses. Just mix it with water, oil and rice and you have a truly Malaysian nasi lemak that's ready to serve to customers.

- Instant Nasi Lemak Seasoning Powder
- Ideal product for food preparation in smaller businesses
- Just mix it with water, oil and rice and you can enjoy the goodness of Malaysian nasi lemak
- Halal product
- No artificial colours
- No added preservatives

Ingredients: Coconut Cream Powder, Salt, Sugar. Contains Permitted Flavouring Substance

Place of Origin : Malaysia

Suitable: All ages, except infants and those who are allergic to the allergens as below: 

- Contains milk
- May contain traces of wheat gluten, soybean, eggs, celery, cashew nuts, sesame seeds, mustard, fish and shellfish

Shelf Life : 12 months

Halal Certification : Yes

Specification : 200g (40g x 5 packets)

Storage Suggestion & Remarks : Keep in cool, dry area and away from direct sunlight. Cook before consumption.