Product Description

If you're looking to enhance your menu selection, our Chicken Rice Powder is made for you. Give your rice a flavourful kick with a perfect blend of tastes that your customers are sure to notice in the first bite. Whether served as regular chicken rice or 'nasi minyak' along with other dishes, you can let your imagination go wild with the many different ways you can use our pwoder.

- Instant Hainanese Chicken Rice Seasoning Powder
- Just mix it with water, oil and rice and you can enjoy a flavourful kick of Hainanese chicken rice.
- Halal product
- No artificial colours
- No added preservatives

Ingredients: Chicken Stock Powder, Fermented Soya Bean Powder, Ginger Powder, Sugar, Garlic Powder, Salt, Onion Powder

Place of Origin : Malaysia

Suitable: All ages, except infants and those who are allergic to the allergens as below: 

- Contains soybean.
- May contain traces of wheat gluten, milk, eggs, celery, cashew nuts, sesame seeds, mustard, fish and shellfish.

Shelf Life : 12 months

Halal Certification : Yes

Specification : 200g (40g x 5 packets)

Storage Suggestion & Remarks : Keep in cool, dry area and away from direct sunlight. Cook before consumption.