Product Description

Hand-poured scented soy candle made of 100% natural soy wax, fragrance oil, and a lead-free cotton wick.
Soy wax is a natural, renewable resource, derived from soybeans. Non-toxic as it burns. The fragrance is relaxing and soothing. 

1. Imported Soy Wax  - From US
Handmade Candle
Material: Soy Wax
Size: 25g
Aroma concentration: Lightly
Suitable for: Small Bedroom, Working Desk
Wick: Cotton Wick


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- The size is subject to the actual object, please allow slight deviation in the manual measurement.

Eco-friendly Material: high-quality soybean wax, exquisite medicine reusable jar packaging, Plant-derived essential oils, safe and secure, fragrant and refreshing

Good Gift Idea: Perfect gift for a loved one on some holidays or special events, such as Mother's Day, Father’s Day, Children’s Day, Birthday, Anniversary, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas gift or just to say thank you to anyone.

100% Natural Extraction Essential Oils

Plant-derived essential oils, safe and secure, with a refreshing fragrance, harmless to human body and environment.

Helpful for Sleep

After working for a whole day, our tired body need relax and good sleep, our jar candles can calm the nervous emotions, help sleep and relieve emotions

Makes People Happy

Our mission is to make your life smell better, good quality scented candles will bring you a relaxed and quiet environment and release a hormone that makes people

Work More Efficient

The fresh scent can help restore the spirit, clear the mind, wake up your brainstorm and make you work more relaxed and efficient

Burning Caution   🚫🚫🚫

Remove all packing before use
Keep burning candle within sight
Keep away from children and pet
Trim wick to 1/4 inch before burning
Do not drop any foreign material into the wax
Burn the candle in a well-ventilated room
Do not touch when in use

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