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FMCO - Feel Boring In The House ?
FMCO - You Want To Send Some Therapist Hobby To Your BFF ?

We have you cover, this is the perfect set for you to have some peaceful ME time and is also a perfect gift box for you to show you care to your friends.

In this box we have :

1) Brutfuner 48 pcs Oil / Watercolor Pencil Type
(Brutfuner Is an international well known color pencil - Fine quality and Variant in color selection, you can select either oil color pencil or watercolor pencil) 

2) 10 pages - Mandala Coloring Book 

3) Care Box with personalized name, disposal 4 ply mask &  Alcohol wet tissue. 

This is custom made gift box - please leave message by drop us by email: (contact : 012-2331702) before you check out for the :

1) Name On The Care Box
2) Oil Color Pencil or Watercolor Pencil 

Our personalized care box name - is using vinyl method is waterproof - due to is custom made item we are not accepting refund or return upon payment confirmation

Happy Coloring !!!!

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