Product Description

Use Eastern herbs essences with a variety of Western conditioning essential oils. It’s suitable for normal, oily and dandruff scalp.

12 Herbs Essential Oil Relaxing Body Wash (30ml)

Use a variety of Western flower and fruit essential oils ingredients. It gives pleasant aroma and helps relaxing emotions. It’s suitable for cleaning body and intimate area.

12 Herbs Essential Oil Aromatic Refreshing Tooth Mousse (30ml)

It’s delicate mousse texture and a variety of herbs essential oils ingredients. It’s suitable for retaining the mouth health, particularly someone has mouth odor.

12草本精油洗髮露 舒淨頭皮 

改善出油 淨化頭皮

東方草本精華搭配多種西方調理特性精油 / 正常或偏油、頭皮屑頭皮髮質清潔使用

12草本精油淨膚露 花果舒心

肌膚調理 放鬆情緒

 運用多種西方花果精油配方 怡人香氣 幫助 / 身體、私密處沐浴清潔使用 放鬆情緒

12草本精油潔牙慕斯 沁新味覺

清新口腔 消除口臭

綿密慕斯 結合多種草本精油配方 / 正常或口腔氣味明顯者使用